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isn't this more of a US special forces article than special forces in general? --James

The name "Special Operations Forces" (notice the capitals) refers to a particular division of the US armed forces. Yes, there should be a general article on "commandos" or "special forces". --Robert Merkel

That's a common mispercetion, especially lately, what with the media referring to SOF as "Special Forces." What many people seem to mean by "special forces" is actually any unit of the US Military with an "exotic" mission.'s not quite the way I would have phrased it, but you're not "wrong" per se. Let's leave it like that and see if anyone else has a different "take" on it. :) F. Lee Horn

I re-read it and made some changes. I think the best way to summarize what SOF are is to list the various types of units and describe their various missions.

Do you have any information on the ISA, a little known 'Special Operations' organization that existed in the '80s? Mentioned from time to time in publications.

Can someone revert this page? Mr. "Lir" just wiped most of the first page and declared the rest "off-topic"

much of this is discussing Delta Force, or other specific topics; and thus, belongs on an appropriate page. The information is not necessarily invalid; it just belongs on the proper pages. Lirath Q. Pynnor