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Mal Wright Mal Wright was born in Perth, Western Australia and attended the Curtin University of Technology where he received a bachelor's degree in Science (Systems Programming and Communications). He is the Enterprise Directory Design Team Leader for ChevronTexaco, in San Ramon, California, USA.

Mal joined ChevronTexaco in May 1998 after working for WA Petroleum, and previously for Orbital Engine Company. He is married to Susanne Wright, who is also currently living in California.

Mal has authored several white papers in the area of information technology. These include:

Proactive System and Performance Monitoring for Heterogeneous Envirnoments. Published by SANS (System Administration & Network Security), 1997. Mal also presented this whitepaper at the SANS conference in Baltimore in 1997.

Investigating an Internal Case of Internet Abuse. Published by SANS, Septmeber 2001.

Basic Massively Parallel Language Tools. Curtin University of Technology, 1995.